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GOODSky PACKAGING 顾驰包装 is a professional Packaging & Disposable Food Packaging Factory Directly Supply Supplier.

Our Main Products Of Packaging:

1)Paper Cups:hot coffee paper cup,milky tea paper cups,chinese tea paper;cold drink paper cup,ice cream paper cup;

2)Paper Coasters & Trays;

3)Paper Boxes:paper pizza box,paper noodle box,paper snack box;

4)Paper Bags:bake bag,cutlery bag;

5)Paper Tissue:towel & napkin;

6)Plastic Cups:PP plastic drink cup,PET plastic drink cup,PP plastic sauce cup;

7)Plastic Lids:paper cup's lid,plastic cup's lid,Flat Lids,Dome Lids;

8)Plastic Boxes:PP plastic taking away box,PP plastic microwave oven used box,

PP plastic soup box,PET plastic salad box,PS plastic sushi box;

9)Plastic Bags,Plastic Cutlery,Plastic Straws;

10)Toothpicks,Chopsticks,etc.Disposable Food Packaging products.

GOODSky PACKAGING 顾驰包装 is a reliable Packaging & Disposable Food Packaging Supplier,which is supplying whole of Packaging & Disposable Food Packaging products,and offering reasonable price with high quality packaging products.




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